CANNON BEACH, LONG BEACH + everywhere in between!

September 3rd 2016, 

     This Labor day weekend was definitely a weekend I will keep as a memory for years to come. I have been hesitating to take my child anywhere far, due to my fear of driving long distance - driving period. I can't be the only one with terrible anxiety while driving (or riding)! Well, I do. And it causes me to panic when taking road trips. So i take them NEVER.  I was asked by my dear friend Candace to join her and our other dear friend Justin (aka her husband) and I found that I was making every excuse NOT to go.  Something in me overwhelmingly said "You need this!!" So you know what? I DID. This two day trip was one of the most memorable trips I have ever taken. Obviously these photos will never do justice to the beauty seen and describe the events that happened these few days on the coast, but am just grateful we will all have them as a memory, and so does my son. FOREVER. (And hopefully have these photos just as long). I guess why I am writing this post, as personal and non related (except the photography aspect) as it may be to this website. I conquered a fear of mine. And I am finding myself facing those through everyday life recently, way more than I ever have. SO..  This is one step closer to where I need to be. I will do my best to not let fear hold me back from the most important things in life -to me. I will try to quit living in fear of never succeeding, or fear of what comes along with succeeding. i will try to Live and let BE. 

"Decide that you want it more then you are afraid of it."


Enjoy a little glimpse into an intimate part of Timaree